Lympoedema and Oncology Service

Launching early 2019


WE are proud to be able to offer a lymphoedema and oncology physiotherapy service from 2019.

Lymphoedema is a common occurrence in patients following surgery and other treatments (chemotherapy or radiation) for some cancers, including breast cancer, where lymphoedema can occur in the arm as a result of damage to lymph nodes in the axilla (arm pit).

We aim to provide a range of individual services to help prevent, manage and improve physical function in patients with lymphoedema or those undergoing cancer treatment.

These include:

  • Pre-operative assessment and education for prevention

  • Comprehensive assessment and education post-op

  • Treatment of arm swelling

  • Treatment of breast swelling

  • Skin care of an affected limb

  • Compression prescription, including made-to-measure compression garments

  • Garment fitting

  • Lymphoedema monitoring and management

  • Exercises for managing lymphoedema

  • Education and guidance on how to care for the affected area and advice on skincare, travelling, exercise, lifting, risk factors and the monitoring of symptoms.

In addition can offer treatment of other post-treatment side effects including:

  • Management of Cording or ‘axillary web syndrome’

  • Management of musculoskeletal pain

  • Scar tissue management

  • Guidance and prescription of general exercise

If you would like further information about our lymphoedema service please contact us via the form below:

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Exercise to be embedded as part of standard
practice in cancer care and to be viewed as
an adjunct therapy that helps counteract the
adverse effects of cancer and its treatment
— Clinical Oncology Society of Australia

To read more about the role of exercise in the management of cancer and cancer symptoms follow this link to the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia.