Bowel Problems in Men

Men can have problems at either end of the spectrum in regards to bowel function.

Some men have problems with controlling bowel function, while others have problems with constipation.

Both can have equally debilitating and socially isolating.

Why is this occurring?

  • Natural process of ageing cause muscles to weaken
  • Weight gain
  • Repeated heavy lifting
  • Dietary Factors
  • Reduced fluid intake

What are the symptoms?

  • Feeling sudden urge to empty bowel
  • Not making it to the toilet in time to use your bowels
  • Noticing some faecal smearing on underwear
  • Need to repeatedly wipe after using bowels
  • Straining to empty bowels
  • Feeling that you have not completely emptied your bowels and needing to go back shortly after to empty
  • Unexpectedly passing wind

How can we help?

We will perform thorough analysis of your symptoms, bowel habits, diet and fluid intake to determine the cause of your problem and develop strategies to improve them.

A comprehensive pelvic floor assessment will be completed to ensure your muscles are working effectively to both enable emptying of your bowels and to control wind and bowel matter. From here an individualised pelvic floor program can be established to address the issues.