Upper back, neck and rib pain

Upper back, neck and rib pain can occur at any point during pregnancy or even after birth. These conditions can also be linked to tension headaches.

Why does this occur?

Some of the common causative factors include:

  • Postural changes that occur during pregnancy

  • Maintaining prolonged static positions when feeding/holding baby

  • Weakness of postural muscles

  • Weakness of ‘core’ or abdominal muscles

  • Awkward sleeping positions

What are the signs and symptoms?

  • Pain in neck region which may be one sided or in the middle

  • Stiffness in the neck or upper back region

  • Heaviness/ fatigue in neck region, feeling the need to support your neck

  • Headaches

  • Sharp pain in the ribs with movement or cough

  • Pain at any point around the ribcage which may be worse when lying on one side at night

What can be done to help me?

  • A through assessment to determine the cause of your pain will always be completed

  • Education about appropriate retraining of postural and often appropriate feeding/baby care positions to help relieve pain and ensure it doesn’t return

  • Specific exercise program to strengthen postural and core muscles

  • Expert hands on treatment to relieve stiff painful joints and muscles

  • Postural taping may be used to relieve pain and reinforce correct posture

  • We may recommend our exercise classes to help improve the strength and control of your postural muscles