AT MELBOURNE PREGNANCY AND PELVIC FLOOR PHYSIOTHERAPY we treat and manage a variety of pelvic floor conditions in men ranging from post-prostatectomy rehabilitation to pelvic pain. 

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prostate surgery

Bladder weakness, or urinary incontinence, is experienced by many men following prostate surgery (prostatectomy or TURP). This is a common problem and often men find this the biggest challenge they have to cope with during the recovery process. it is important to get professional advice to help cope with bladder weakness during this time.


Men can have problems at either end of the spectrum in regards to bowel function. Some men have problems with difficulty controlling bowel function, while others have problems with constipation. Both can have equally debilitating and socially isolating.

pelvic pain 

Often we have men that come to see us after years of trying to establish the cause of their pain. The usual comment is “If only I had known about this years ago”.

An Australian study of men in 2009 found that 8% had urogenital pain of some kind.




 While it is common to have changes in bladder function with enlargement of the prostate it is important to understand not all changes in bladder function are a result of this. There are often lots that can be done to change these symptoms.