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Who are the classes suitable for?

Classes are suitable for all new mums from 6 weeks postnatal. Whether you are experiencing issues associated with your pelvic floor or are simply looking to be supported in your postpartum return to exercise, these classes are for you! Our classes will be led by an experienced and qualified pelvic floor/women's health physiotherapist and will focus on core strength and abdominal rehabilitation.

Prior to attending our postnatal pilates classes you will be required to make an appointment to see one of our physiotherapists for a 1:1 clinical assessment. During this appointment we will use Real-Time Ultrasound to view your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and establish your current level of muscle function and develop a program specific for your needs. We can also discuss any specific concerns you may have in this private session.

How will the classes run?

Our classes will be led by an experienced and qualified pelvic floor/women's health physiotherapist. Classes will include a combination of mat pilates, swiss ball work and strengthening exercises. Our classes are specifically for mums with babies, so of course your baby is most welcome to come along! We suggest you bring a blanket to lay your baby on and some of their favourite toys. At any stage during the class you are welcome to feed and tend to your baby. As our studio is upstairs, there is no pram access, so we suggest you use a baby carrier or capsule to bring your baby upstairs. Classes are suitable for mums with babies from 6 weeks of age until 12 months, however keep in mind that, especially as your baby becomes more mobile, you are fully responsible for the supervision of your child.


Benefits of clinical pilates:

Clinical pilates differs from general pilates in that a program is tailored to your individual needs and developed using the specialist clinical knowledge of an experienced physiotherapist.

Clinical pilates can help you to:

· Regain muscle strength and tone

· Increase flexibility

· Build "core strength" and contribute to improved pelvic floor muscle function

· Improve energy levels and your sense of wellbeing

· Improve post-partum posture and postural awareness

· Give you the chance to get out of the house, socialise and meet like-minded mums in a baby friendly environment!


Real Time Ultrasound:

During our clinical pilates assessments, we use Real Time Ultrasound which is a useful way to establish the functional ability of the deep abdominal muscles during various movements. Real Time Ultrasound may also be used as part of your pelvic floor muscle assessment and is particularly useful to give you visual feedback on your pelvic floor muscle ability as you can see movement corresponding to muscle contraction and relaxation live on the screen. Real time ultrasound may also be used to assess bladder emptying



All classes held at 62 Dinah Parade, Keilor East in the upstairs studio.


TUESDAY 12-12:45pm (with Bec)

WEDNESDAY 12-12.45pm (with Karina)

WEDNESDAY 1pm -1.45pm (with Karina)

THURSDAY 12-12:45pm (with Karina)

THURSDAY 1pm - 1.45pm (with Karina)



Clinical Pilates Initial Assessment (Compulsory for all class attendees):

  • Private consultation (30 mins) $99

(Private Health Insurance rebate available with extras cover)

After completing the initial assessment, you may then choose from the following  payment options:

  • Pilates 10 class pack $220 ($22 a session)- 6 month expiry
  • Pilates 5 class pack $125 ($25 a session)- 3 month expiry
  • Casual Pilates session $30 a session

We encourage you to allocate your 5 pack or 10 pack to the sessions you wish to attend in advance to reserve your spot for that session.

Health insurance rebates: Following the completion of each session that you attend an invoice for that attendance will be emailed to you for private health claiming. 


Mother's Group Sessions

Do you have a mother's group already formed and want to exercise together? We are happy to work with you to set up a class especially for your group at a time that suits.

Please email and we'll take it from there!



Contact us below if you have any further questions. 

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