PRegnancy and childbirth are Major known risk factors to the pelvic floor.

We encourage all women, symptoms or not, to attend for a check-up after 6 weeks post-partum to establish your current level of pelvic floor muscle strength and to receive advice on the best way to get your pelvic floor back to full strength.

It is highly important if you intend to return to running, jumping, weights or impact activities (like HIIT) that you have a pelvic floor check-up prior to recommencing these activities to ensure you aren’t at risk of causing incontinence of prolapse.

Even if you have had a caesarean, your chance of developing urinary incontinence is similar to that of someone who has had a vaginal birth by middle-age. Pregnancy stretches those pelvic floor muscles and connective tissues before delivery mode is even considered.

If you have older children and have never seen a pelvic floor physiotherapist - its’s never too late. Improvement in muscle function (and reducing your chance of prolapse and incontinence) can be achieved at any age!

At your request, we can also check your abdominal muscles for any residual separation at this appointment and provide strategies for management.