Real Time Ultrasound

Since the beginning of 2018, at MPPP, we have offered Real Time Ultrasound imaging as an enhancement to our traditional assessment techniques.

Real Time Ultrasound is a safe and non-invasive way to visualise the internal soft tissues of the body. It provides visual feedback on the way muscles and connective tissues move in 'real time'.

Visual feedback is a great way to improve our clients' understanding of difficult to engage muscles such as the pelvic floor and the deep abdominals. Being able to see an 'on-screen' movement which reflects the contraction of these internal muscles, the brain receives positive reinforcement which in turn strengthens the pathways that control these muscles. 

Real Time Ultrasound doesn't replace the need for a detailed physical examination, such as an internal pelvic floor examination, as there is a large quantity of information which we derive from palpating the internal soft tissues that we can't gain from viewing movement on a screen. However, if there is a circumstance where internal assessment is contradicted or inappropriate for a client, Real Time Ultrasound is the next best thing ! 

The other great feature of Real Time Ultrasound is its ability to clearly view the bladder. This allows us to measure bladder volume, pre and post emptying and is a really helpful tool in enabling us to further understand a patient's presenting condition. It also assists us diagnose various types of bladder dysfunction. 

If you are wondering whether Real Time Ultrasound might be appropriate for you; don't hesitate to ask your physio at your next appointment!