5 pelvic floor facts

  1. Both men and women have a pelvic floor! The pelvic floor is the name given to a muscle group that lies at the base of the pelvis. The pelvic floor muscles are important for bladder and bowel continence and sexual function in both males and females. 
  2. Urinary incontinence is alarmingly common. It affects up to 13% of Australian men and up to 37% of Australian women.
  3. Despite the high number of sufferers, many people do not seek help for their urinary incontinence, in fact one study found that up to 70% of people with urinary leakage suffer in silence and do not seek advice or treatment for their problem!! 
  4. The above statistics are very sad when there are highly effective evidence based treatments available - large studies have shown pelvic floor exercises, under the instruction of a pelvic floor physiotherapist, to have around a 60% cure rate for stress incontinence in women!
  5. About a third of women have urinary incontinence after childbirth. The good news is there is evidence that for women having their first baby, PFMT can prevent urinary incontinence after delivery! Start your pelvic floor exercises today. 

If you or a friend or family member suffers from bladder or bowel incontinence, there is help at hand. Make an appointment to see us today!